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Anachron Technologies is a personal finance as a service fintech committed to helping people manage their money better. They are changing the way fintechs are built, launched, and distributed by offering products such as a white-label roboadvisor, financial planner, and a savings app UI kit. Visit website here.


Anachron Technologies Ltd.






This is the first actual website that I developed using Webflow after taking online courses from Webflow University to master the tool.

1. Research

I started by doing a lot of research on competitors and listing the features that they had on their websites to come up with a competitive audit and the information architecture of the website.

2. Design

When it comes to the design, I used Figma first then reproduced it and made some adjustments in Webflow. It was challenging at first because it felt like I was designing the website twice thus requiring more effort to reach the final result.

3. Test & Validate

I tested the website with 3 potential customers by conducting online interviews and watching them interact with the website and saying their thoughts out loud. I then iterated on the website based on the insights I was able to gather from these interviews to validate my design decisions.

➜ Challenges

The most difficult part was the responsiveness. But I managed to get the hang of it quickly and publish the first version of website from scratch under a month on my own as the only designer on the team.

➜ Key Takeaway
Designing in Webflow directly is much faster than starting out in Figma.


Visit the website here to see the final outcome. The website is constantly changing as it will always be a work in progress.

Other work

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